A family walk

Now that the children are older, we have started doing some longer walks (5+ miles) with them. Walking is something that we all enjoy as a family because it allows us to combine spending time together, physical exercise, an interest in nature and of course adventure! This was one of our most recent walks on a rare sunny day! We set off from Mortehoe towards Lee Bay, walking through farms and fields before eventually joining up with the coast path.





We stopped for a picnic lunch at Bennett’s Mouth, which is between Bull Point and Lee Bay. We were in a hurry so before we left we grabbed some bits from Lidl bakery (Aaron loves the vegetable pizza slices and I like the goat’s cheese and pesto focaccia) along with cheese, peperami sticks, yogurts in squeezy packs and fruit. Not our normal picnic food but quick, easy and not terribly unhealthy.




After lunch we followed the coast path back towards Bull Point lighthouse and Rockham Beach. There were steep paths and hundreds of steps going up and down the headlands. I’ve been working out recently and feel a lot fitter, but oh boy it was hard work! Aaron struggled but Tabitha has great stamina and steamed ahead of all of us!






Once we arrived back at the carpark in Mortehoe, we drove around to Woolacombe to treat ourselves to icecreams and waffles! Colin and I have been eating Big Chief waffles since we were teenagers doing beach mission, although we don’t often go to Woolacombe in the summer now due to the crowds of holidaymakers.



  1. Emma Elliott

    Looks ovely to me and waffles sound delightful. Right now in Canterbury the sky is moody and dark and we have a thunderstorm. My boys are relaxing today youngest who is 5 tomorrow is watching Ponyo and my eldest 9 is painting one of his warhammer figures. Hope you have sunshine!

  2. Pip and Tabitha would get along famously as they both have bags of energy 🙂

    Hope the job hunting is going well. Will you make a return to childminding?

    Take good care


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