A winter wedding

After much excitement and preparation, the weekend of Auntie Jenny’s wedding finally arrived! We drove down to Poole on Friday, stopping at my Granny’s for lunch on the way. In the evening we had a meal with Colin’s grandparents, who haven’t seen the children since they were tiny, and the bride and groom-to-be. Then it was time to settle into our room and do Tabitha’s hair following this ringlet rag curl tutorial. We only had one practice run and she didn’t keep the rags in overnight, so we weren’t sure quite how it would turn out!


After breakfast on Saturday, we decided to go for an early morning walk.


By the time we reached the harbour it was turning out to be a beautiful day. The only nice day this week in fact, as the weather has been horrible the rest of the time!


Back in our hotel room, it was time to unwrap Tabitha’s curls and start getting ready.


Aaron looked very smart in his suit and tie.


Tabitha was a gorgeous bridesmaid. I did secretly have doubts over whether she would actually walk down the aisle by herself, but she did amazingly well!



Baby Edward looked so cute in his tiny suit!


The happy couple, looking radiant.



The only part of being a bridesmaid Tabitha didn’t enjoy was carrying those flowers, she kept trying to get other people to hold them!



I really wanted to get a photo of all the cousins together, but by this time the little ones were running around wildly and it was nigh on impossible to catch them and keep them still for long enough! The older boys on either side of Colin are his cousins, much adored by the younger ones.


Here is the missing cousin and guest of honour, baby Edward, with his Uncle Colin.



There was a nice gap to relax before the reception, so we spent some time with Colin’s eldest sister and his aunt and uncle. When we arrived at the reception venue, Aaron and Tabitha ran over to the empty dancefloor and spent the entire evening dancing! It was lovely, although we had to leave early as Colin was feeling ill.



Today we had lunch with the bride and groom, Colin’s mum, his youngest sister and her boyfriend, before beginning the long drive home. It has been a wonderful weekend of celebration and we hope that Clive and Jenny will have many years of happiness together!


  1. How cute is Tabitha, thank you for sharing my ringlet tutorial, her hair looked gorgeous! Sometimes depending on how strong their hair is the curls may drop out, but hers looked lovely. You can always add setting lotion or gel to get a longer lasting curl too.

    The photos are stunning, looked like a wonderful day.

  2. It looks like you all had a wonderful day. Your daughter looked gorgeous and I LOVE her ringlets. My girls do that overnight but we never have had ringlets like that – I think their hair is a bit heavy.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

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