1. Karmin

    Hi there! I’ve followed your blog for about 5 years, and I’ve always enjoyed your thoughts, ideas, and appreciations. One thing I’ve never fully understood is this concept of an “allotment”. Will you help me understand? Is it an area connected to the building in which you live? Or is it further away? Is it walking or driving distance? Do you own it or rent it, or isn’t it free? We have city parks that rent out 4′ by 8′ raised garden beds to folks who want to garden but don’t have a yard. Is it like that? I appreciate any help you can give me in understanding this!

    • Sarah

      Hi Karmin! Allotment gardens are plots of land that can be rented by individuals in order to grow produce. Ours is about a 10-15 minute walk away from our home. It’s a lot bigger than the raised beds you mention. On ours we have a big shed, compost bins, fruit trees, permanent beds and still lots of space left over for growing vegetables. Hope that helps!

  2. San

    Lovely post. Yes it is a blessing to be near family. We are over an hour’s drive from our respective families and due to health issues we don’t see as much of them as we would like. We catch up with Dave’s brother from Taunton when we visit Gloucester once a year and he stops at our rented cottage. It has been two years since I saw my brother. We keep in touch via Instagram xx

  3. Susanna Berry

    I often have wistful moments when I see all your family trips etc. I feel so much for my kiddies that they are not near cousins/ aunts/ uncles. Nanny is a real blessing to them though x Glad you are surrounded by love x

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