A new trick

We love watching Pixel when she is in a playful mood. Her latest anticĀ is to hang upside down from her mirror.


We have spoiled her with a couple of new toys and perches now that she is moving around the cage so much more.


At dinner time she nibbled on some wet celery, although I’m not sure if she actually ate any or was just licking the water off.


Today I taught her to turn around on command. Using the target stick wasn’t really working, so I held some millet behind her to get her to turn half way round. After a while she would do it on command without seeing the millet, and then I started telling her to turn around twice to get her to do a complete turn. Here is a video of her turning around but please excuse the shakiness and poor focusing, it is rather tricky to hold millet, a target stick and a camera all at the same time!

Hi, I'm Sarah. I home educate my two children, Aaron and Tabitha. I am looking forward to learning more about budgies.

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