Door nets

It’s been over a month since I last posted about Pixel. She is getting much better at eating her vegetables. Anything green (herbs, kale, spinach, watercress, etc.) is an instant success, and she demolishes baby sweetcorn. Other fruit and vegetables are still a work in progress.


We have to put her in the cage at meal times to stop her walking all over our plates! We do sometimes let her out at the end of the meal if it’s something safe for her to nibble on. She really enjoyed Aaron’s boiled egg and toast soldiers. Ironically, egg is very good for her!


She is super friendly again now that she has mostly finished moulting and often comes to perch on our heads/shoulders/arms/laps.



She has been spending a lot more time out of her cage thanks to these £4.99 door nets from Lidl. Previously the room would quickly get hot and stuffy when we had the door closed. The nets are fastened to the door frame with sticky-back velcro and close with magnets.



When she’s had enough of flying and playing, Pixel likes to sit on her cage door and keep an eye on what is going on.




Hi, I'm Sarah. I home educate my two children, Aaron and Tabitha. I am looking forward to learning more about budgies.

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