Pixel playing

Pixel is getting much better at coming out and going into her cage nicely, although it does depend on her mood! She seems to have realised that she always gets plenty of time free flying, so she doesn’t need to try to escape or refuse to go back in.



She enjoyed some wet lettuce we hung near her favourite perch. It’s not particularly nutritious, but hopefully it is a step towards trying other veggies.



Pixel loves my washing airer, especially when it’s empty. She jumps from rung to rung or just sits and watches the world go by.


She is finally starting to show an interest in some of her toys. We are planning to make or buy her a little playground for when she is out of the cage.


Pixel is also beginning to make more use of her cage. Until now she hasn’t been interested in going near the back, but today she climbed up the ladder to sit on the cement perch, which is supposed to help keep her nails trimmed.


We moved her swing into the middle of the cage to encourage her to try it. Aaron and Tabitha were very excited when she started using it!


Hi, I'm Sarah. I home educate my two children, Aaron and Tabitha. I am looking forward to learning more about budgies.

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