Some of Pixel’s antics

Pixel really likes to land on Aaron’s head! She has tried landing on mine a few times but she’s not too keen on my slippery hair.




She also likes to do crazy things like rolling over in mid-air and scratching her back on her perch!


She uses her beak to help her climb, but she has started chewing the cage bars a lot and her beak is getting slightly worn around the edges. I’m not sure why she is doing it, as she has cuttlebone, iodine block and plenty of toys to chew on.


We took her out onto the balcony for a short time to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. She chirped loudly to all the nearby birds!


Now that we’ve settled back into more of a routine after the Easter holidays, she tends to come out to free fly for an hour or two in the morning and in the evening. I do several short sessions of step-up and step-down clicker training with her each time, which has made it easier to get her back into the cage when necessary.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I home educate my two children, Aaron and Tabitha. I am looking forward to learning more about budgies.

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