Busy bee

Our dressing up chest is rather empty. At the moment it contains a pirate hat, a crocheted eye patch and a foam pirate sword. So when the mum who organises our home-ed group activities rang to say that the children would be dressing up this week but pirates were out, I had one evening to make an outfit out of supplies we already had around the house.

After making a mental list of what materials we had available and a quick web search for inspiration, I decided to do a bee. Aaron is interested in insects and sometimes pretends he is a bee buzzing from flower to flower.

For the wings I drew two overlapping circles on the side of a sturdy cardboard box and cut it out. Aaron helped me to paint both sides yellow.

I used a pair of black stripy knee-high tights to stretch over the wings. Any pair of black tights would probably do but the stripy ones gave a really good wing-like effect. The shoulder straps were made out of ribbon threaded through holes.

For the body, I found an old black shirt of mine and a pair of black trousers that are a bit too short for Aaron. I cut up lots of strips of yellow fabric from my material bag. The power supply and pedal for my sewing machine has gone missing somewhere in the chaos otherwise known as our loft, so I used PVA glue to stick the strips onto the clothes.

For the antennae, I used two pipe cleaners and two pom poms. First thing this morning I nipped over to the shop and picked up a cheap yellow head band to attach them to.

Here’s Aaron after wearing his costume for two hours in the park this afternoon, so it’s a bit muddy and he’s wearing a jumper underneath for warmth.

Tabitha was a pumpkin as I didn’t have time to make her a proper costume. She wasn’t very willing to pose for the camera though…

…until Daddy bribed her with a piece of blueberry muffin.

Speaking of which, I found a great recipe for “sugar-free” blueberry muffins which I’ll share tomorrow.

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