Esther’s Montessori coat and shoe area

Esther has recently been interested in putting on shoes. She kept getting my shoes out of the shoe cupboard and proudly putting them on! I moved the children’s shoes to a lower drawer so that she could reach her own instead of mine, but it still wasn’t ideal as she would sometimes trap her fingers in the drawers. So I decided to create a little space for her coat and shoes to encourage independence. Our small entryway is already pretty full with our shoe cupboard, pushchair, hoover (we don’t really have anywhere else to store it) and Aaron and Tabitha’s coat pegs, but this doesn’t take up much space.

The wooden peg hooks came from Sainsburys. I first saw them in a post by Tales From a Happy House and knew they would be perfect for the job. The little rucksack contains Esther’s hat and mittens. The cube chair can be turned over to give three different seat heights, so it will last well as she grows.


The rope basket contains her wellie boots, shoes, socks and slippers. I bought the slippers in the hope of stopping her wearing shoes inside the house, but so far she has refused to wear them.


She can put the wellies on all by herself. Shoes are a bit harder but she can usually get her feet inside and just needs help with the zips.


She has a waterproof coat and a warm winter coat on her hooks. I haven’t hung her all-in-one rainsuit or snugglesuit there as she won’t be able to put those on independently for quite a while. We’ve started teaching her the same Montessori method for putting on a coat that we used with Aaron and Tabitha.


And just so you don’t go away thinking she’s a little darling, here’s a picture of her launching a shoe through the air in frustration! (She’s still a darling though… sometimes!)