A visit from the zoo

If this blog is rather neglected at the moment, it is because I am stressed out about my five uni assignments that are due in over the next six weeks! Essay writing will have to take priority over blog writing for a while.

Yesterday we went to Friday afternoon club with my Grandma to see (and touch) some visiting animals from Exmoor Zoo.


This is my mum bravely carrying around a hissing cockroach for everyone to see!

P1050094 (1)

Aaron’s favourite animal was the beautiful barn owl.


There was a rather mischievous meerkat, and a skunk which I didn’t manage to photograph.


We were able to hold an elephant’s tusk, which was much heavier and colder than I expected. Apparently the recession has caused a surge in the ivory trade.

It was a lovely opportunity for the children to chat to the old people. They are not in the slightest bit shy of adults and will often bombard complete strangers with conversation!