Making metal masks

Visiting the art show at the museum last week, we saw some metal masks by local artist Colleen Davis and were inspired to make our own. We went on a shopping trip  to buy supplies and also searched the house for things we could use. For the base we used tin foil platters. Other items we gathered included foil, scourers, bottle tops, nuts, washers, nails, wire, paperclips, safety pins, split pins and split rings.

Tabitha was only interested in the “eyes” and concentrated intently on covering her face with them!

P1030754 P1030763

The foil plates were really difficult to cut through and the cut edges were deadly sharp, so I cut out Aaron’s mouth for him and folded the edges over carefully. I suppose they’re not technically masks without any eye holes!


I let Aaron loose with the hot glue gun for the first time, remembering this post from Teacher Tom. He managed really well, although we used up copious amounts of glue!


This is Tabitha’s finished face.


I love Aaron’s idea to use split pins for the teeth.


It looked like so much fun that I had to have a go too!


The masks are now hanging up on our display wall, along with some photos of the ones we saw at the museum. I used to be rather fussy about putting things up on the wall, but I’ve come to realise that this is Aaron and Tabitha’s home too and that’s more important than having a perfect house. It’s also a good opportunity to practise my documentation!