1. I love this clean look. Keeping home education things tidy is a struggle and improving organisation is something that is on my summer “to do” list. I like your craft arrangement-my craft drawer is overflowing with paint stored elsewhere. This seems achievable. Where did you get the unit that you have used for craft.

    • Sarah

      It’s certainly a challenge! I can’t remember where I got the unit I’m afraid, it’s been in the loft for a couple of years.

  2. I’m really impressed – it looks great! How do you get Tabitha and Aaron to agree to get rid of things, though? Iona always vetoes it any time I try – I have to do it when she’s asleep!!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Angela. 🙂 We’ve talked a lot about making more space to play and how other children can enjoy the toys they don’t use any more. Tabitha wanted reassurance that I wouldn’t get rid of any of her beloved dolls, and then showed no interest apart from grabbing one puzzle box back as I was taking a load to the car! Aaron wasn’t bothered either, he surprised me by saying that he didn’t play with certain things very much so they could go. If it’s something they have grown out of but are slightly reluctant to let go, I give them the choice of keeping it or getting something new instead.

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