Chapel Wood

Today was another beautiful day so we decided to go for a family walk. Esther was fast asleep in her carseat when we arrived at the woods, so I put her in the sling.

After a while she wanted to get down and walk, but the steep hill was too much for her little legs!

We decided that this tree looked like a stag rearing straight up into the air.

Aaron liked the neatly-coiled bracken fronds that were shooting up everywhere and beginning to unfurl.

Esther particularly liked the “blue flowers”. Aaron tried to teach her that they were called bluebells, but she wasn’t having any of it!

There were dog-violets and wood anemones too.

Sticks and streams provided plenty of entertainment!

There were primroses everywhere. I think they might be my favourite spring flower, although I do love lesser celandines too.

After our walk we had a lovely drive home along the coast.

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