Cress Eggheads

Today we went to the garden centre and Aaron bought a packet of cress seeds. He loves paying for things by himself and knows exactly what to do because he has watched me go shopping so many times. Back at home we stuck some googly eyes onto empty washed egg shells and then drew mouths with felt tip pens. We put some damp cotton wool inside the egg shells and then Aaron sprinkled some cress seeds on top. I put the eggheads inside a plastic bag and they will spend the next few days in a warm dark cupboard.

Aaron has a very busy social calendar nowadays! On Monday afternoons we try to go to the local Mini Music group. We’ve been going for about a year now and Aaron knows some of the songs, but his favourite part is definitely playing with the toys at the end. He’s starting to interact really nicely with some of the other children.

On Tuesday afternoons we meet up with some local home educating mums, usually in the park. There is a group activity followed by free play. This week it was so bitterly cold in the wind that none of the children wanted to stand still for the activity, so we walked back to one mum’s house instead. Her three year old insisted on giving his favourite toy train “for Aaron to borrow”, which I thought was a lovely way of encouraging sharing. So Aaron is looking after the train for a week and I’m hoping that he will want to let E borrow one of his own toys next week.

The Home Grown Kids meet takes up most of Wednesday by the time we’ve caught the bus there and back. We were in a different building this week and it had a well-equipped playroom and an outdoor play area, which Aaron loved. He spent hours just running around and going down the big slide. Several people commented on how confident and outgoing he is, so at least he doesn’t seem to take after me in that respect!

I keep meaning to take him to story time at the library on Thursday mornings, but I think we’re going to have to skip that for now as otherwise we won’t have time for anything else!

I haven’t done any Funnix work with him since we were all ill, but today he initiated some letter recognition by crawling under Colin’s desk and exclaiming that he could see an “m”. It was actually a capital “E” on its side, but it did look just like an “m” so I didn’t tell him that! Then we picked up a nearby tractor magazine and he spotted letters in the article titles on each page. Next week I’m hoping to recap all five letters and then begin the proper Funnix lessons the week after as I think he’ll really enjoy that.

Since he traced the days of the week in our caterpillar lapbook he has also shown lots of interest in tracing letters and numbers. I’ve had this and this on my wishlist for ages so now I think it’s time to order them!

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