DIY dressing-up storage

The trouble with Christmas is finding space to store all the new toys afterwards! This year Aaron and Tabitha were given lots of dressing-up clothes. Until now our dressing-up stuff has been kept in a big wooden chest. I’ve tried various different ways of organising it, but inevitably it all ends up in a big mess and it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for.

This was an old forward-facing bookshelf on our upstairs landing. The slings were torn and the boxes were battered from being lined up on the floor and sat in like a train! My original plan was to replace the fabric, but it’s been hanging around for so long that I had almost decided to throw it away. While I was trying to get to sleep last night, I suddenly had the idea of converting it into dressing-up storage.


This morning I set to work. I took out four of the wooden poles, leaving one at the top as a hanging rail, two side ones to keep everything tidy and the bottom ones to support some storage boxes. I used two plastic crates at the bottom, as they were the only thing I had in the house that were the right size, but I’d like to replace them with something nicer-looking eventually.


The costumes are hung on labelled hangers so that you can see at a glance what they are. For the labels I found pictures of the costumes online, printed and laminated them, and punched a hole in the top to slide them onto the hanger. I still need to make a few more labels for costumes that I couldn’t find a picture of. The hats are hung from hangers with pegs, small accessories are kept in the cardboard treasure chest or storage crates at the bottom, and long things like swords and fairy wands are slipped in at one end.


I’m very pleased with how neat it looks on our landing and the children will have much better access to all their dressing-up clothes. It also means that the chest is now free to store rotated toys, which means that there will be space in the dresser cupboards to store all our art and craft supplies. . . I’ve got lots of decluttering and reorganising to do!


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