Favourite books of 2015

In no particular order, here are some of the books that I have particularly enjoyed reading in 2015.

French Kids Eat Everything

I used to think that fussy eating was caused mostly by bad parenting, but now that I have one fantastic eater and one extremely fussy eater my views are a little less black and white! My mum lent me this book and it was a very interesting read, with some helpful guidelines to implement.

Lessons At Blackberry Inn

A lovely old-fashioned fictional book about a homeschooling mother and homemaker, which includes some details of the Charlotte Mason method of home education. It was an easy and pleasant read, and reminded me a little of the Anne of Green Gables series.

Parenting in the Pew

I’m sure many Christian parents have struggled from time to time with the issue of children in church. Rather than focusing on how to keep children quiet and well-behaved in church, this book looks at why children should be there and has lots of practical suggestions for how to teach children to participate in worship.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

A lovely look at this Biblical account and very relevant to women who feel the pressures of busyness, tiredness and worry, with wise advice about balancing time in the “kitchen” (work) and time in the “living room” (worship). I’ll definitely be re-reading this book!

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

I have read numerous books on decluttering and simplicity over the years, but this is the one that has had the most impact on my life. Personally I found the author’s writing style a little annoying, and as a Christian there are some spiritual aspects to ignore and different values to consider, but the method itself is brilliant. I started doing Konmari back in the summer, took a break for a few months due to morning sickness and have only recently restarted, but it is already making a huge difference!

The Surrendered Wife

This is not a Christian book and no assumptions should be made based on the title! I haven’t finished reading it yet but it’s basically about giving up control in order to benefit from increased emotional intimacy. There are some good ideas which make sense, and also some more extreme ideas which sound slightly crazy! It is a challenging read and mentally I find myself saying “but…” to a lot of it, but I’ve also seen how implementing some of the principles has had a positive impact.

So, what are your favourite books that you’ve read this year? I don’t read as much as I would like but am always interested in recommendations!

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  1. I love book lists and had wondered about French Kids eat anything for a while. We have fussy and less fussy eaters. The problem with really fussy eaters is that they would prefer not to eat than eat the things they dislike.

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