Flutterby butterfly

When we woke up on Sunday morning, we noticed that two of Tabitha’s chrysalides had turned into butterflies. She was so excited! By the time we got back from church, another one had emerged.



By Monday morning there were four butterflies, leaving one final chrysalis. Tabitha spent hours watching it hopefully, but then she went to the toilet and Aaron was the only one to actually see a butterfly emerge.


Tabitha fed her butterflies each day with fruit, flowers and sugar water.


On Thursday, which had a better weather forecast than most days this week, we met up with some friends in the park to release the butterflies. Two of them flew straight up into the trees, but the girls were able to hold and watch the others for a while.





Watching caterpillars grow and turn into chrysalides and then butterflies has been a really interesting experience. I highly recommend the Insect Lore kits if you have never done it before. Tabitha enjoyed it so much that we may order another jar of caterpillars to do it again in a few weeks!

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