Fun in the sun

Today is the first day I’ve felt more or less human since catching conjunctivitis and a nasty virus from Aaron. Sorry for the lack of blog updates but there really hasn’t been anything to say. We’ve done pretty much nothing for about a week and a half now. That hasn’t stopped Aaron learning though. We figured out a few weeks ago that he could definitely identify the colour pink. This week he has also correctly identified blue, orange and white at various times in conversation. It has taken such a long time but I think we’re finally starting to get there with colours!

It’s been a lovely sunny day, so I opened the balcony doors for the children to play outside. First we got out some cars and then I remembered a great idea I saw over at The Imagination Tree. So I fetched some big sheets of paper and squirted some paint onto a plate.

Aaron experimented with a few different patterns. His favourite was making a “ladder”. Tabitha did have a quick go with the cars but she preferred to practice navigating the small step through the balcony doors. Washing the cars in the mop bucket afterwards was great fun for both of them. Then I stripped off the kiddies, put them in the shower and hosed them down! Tabitha’s legs are still a rather peculiar colour though!


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