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Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, life has been rather busy. I’ve written 12 policies and procedures, almost finished building my website, my 22 pages of coursework just needs a few finishing touches… and I’m absolutely shattered! I’ve been working solidly from when I put the children to bed until past 1 o’clock most nights. I wanted to tie up most of the loose ends this evening, but I’m too sleepy and my brain just isn’t cooperating.

So instead I’ll share what I bought today on my way back from enrolling at the college. As soon as I saw these flash cards they reminded me of Montessori sandpaper letters, because you can follow the indented tracks with your fingers.

There are dots and arrows to show you how to form each letter.

There’s also a flap to lift revealing another object beginning with that letter, which would be fun for guessing games.

The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are double sided, so for example A and B are on the same card. It’s not a huge deal though. They are a good size (about A5) and seem very sturdy, so I’m really glad I spotted them.

I’m considering doing a “letter of the week” next this school year. Eeek, September already! More about our plans soon!

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