1. I couldn’t agree more about a simple Christmas. We do celebrate the day but things easily get out of all proportion and yes, despite wanting a simple Christmas, we end up with over excited children who have eaten too much. It is difficult to keep the children’s focus on the Lord when so much around them points to material excess.

    This year, my mother is in hospital and last year, we had the doctor out to the Grandmother who lives with us so in many ways, the season has been an odd mixture for the last couple of years.

    The children have been learning some Scripture which is probably the most valuable thing that we have done to celebrate the season.

  2. Susanna

    I don’t like her writing style either…. Glad I am not the only one as so many rave about her ! Increasingly find myself disliking the ‘ holiday ‘ season for many similar reasons. I still miss having a church service on the 25th though.

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