1. Susanna

    I keep wondering about these as they do look good but I am not sure it would be enough for six. …. plus I have two rather picky eaters. But the idea of it all arriving ready to prep appeals.

    • Sarah

      The portions are plenty for four, we’ve had leftovers several times (although in fairness T’s portion is often very small). Probably wouldn’t stretch to six though. 🙁

  2. What a great idea! As a weekly thing yes it is on the expensive side but for the times when life has got too much, folk are unwell or you are just to plain worn out to menu plan and shop, it sounds just the ticket!

    My two are really great eaters, the hassles we have are the food intolerances, gluten for me and Benedict and gluten, dairy, soya, egg and peanuts for Pip! Menu planning is interesting to say the least at our end 🙂 xx

  3. daniela

    be aware ! Hello fresh puts canned food in the vegetable box, as well as other useless products you dont need (with a lot of E..) and they dont even mention that on the product page when you buy. Plus the customer support is completely useless when you ask them for a refund. The quality of the veggies also is very low compared with other delivery sites.

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