How to build a cardboard castle – Part 1

Whilst browsing for ideas to use up my empty toilet rolls, I came across this. But although I was inspired, I wanted something a little more like the castle that my brother and I spent hours playing with at my grandparents’ house when we were younger. In the end I came up with something completely different and my toilet rolls are safe for another day!

castle 21 Cool Toilet Paper Roll Creations

To make the castle I used two empty veg boxes. They are usually returned to be reused but for various reasons we haven’t placed an order for a couple of weeks and so the boxes had been sitting around in our under-the-stairs cupboard. As one box wouldn’t have been tall enough for a castle, I decided to stick the second box upside down on top of the first box. This actually turned out really well because the rims along the top edges of each box became the battlements for play figures to walk along. If you don’t have boxes like these then you could use one taller box and make the battlements separately.

I cut the base out of the second box (it’s upside down in this picture).

Next I marked out where I wanted to cut, turning the corners of the box into towers.

I got a bit distracted by Tabitha whilst I was cutting this side and ended up cutting out the wrong set of squares!

Here is the second box after I’d finished cutting it. The bottom bit was once the top of the box and the top part was once the base.

Then I stuck the two boxes together at the rims and used pegs to hold it in place until the glue dried. You can see how I’ve cut the crenels and merlons (nope I didn’t know what they were called until I looked it up) correctly on the front wall but not on the back.

It’s nowhere near finished but I think it looks quite impressive already! Come back soon to see how we make the drawbridge and decorate the castle.


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