Just an ordinary day


Today was a good day. Not a very productive one, but a good day nevertheless.

I woke up this morning feeling very dizzy and lightheaded, so we didn’t get any of our usual housework or schoolwork done. The children played aeroplanes, hide and seek, marbles and Mario Kart on the Wii. Aaron asked me to listen to him play a new piece of music he learned at his piano lesson last week. We also practised counting in Japanese ready for his karate lesson tomorrow.

At midday we walked down to Lidl to get some lunch, hoping that fresh air and food would make me feel better (it did). We listened to a robin singing, admired some cheerful daffodils and talked about catkins being a type of flower. I told the children that Grandpa had found lots of ladybirds in the allotment shed, which led to a discussion about hibernation and whether ladybirds lay eggs.

On our way back we passed their cousins’ house and Uncle Tom popped his head out to chat. He gave the children a pound each, so we stopped at the greengrocer. Tabitha spent about ten minutes choosing between a punnet of grapes, a pack of mini eggs and a polyanthus plant. The mini eggs won in the end, although she wants to go back and get some polyanthus plants for our balcony planters.

By the afternoon it had turned out beautifully sunny. I decided that getting outside was more important than catching up on other things, so I asked the children where they would like to go. We eventually settled on a park in another town. Aaron chose to take his wooden sword and shield and Tabitha brought her doll and pushchair.

In the car, I put on our French CD for the first time in a while. We practised numbers, greetings and asking each other what foods we like. Tabitha spotted some rooks by the roadside and one was perched on a sign just above our heads when we parked, so we got a great close-up view of it squawking.

I sat on a bench in the sunshine for a couple of hours reading Siblings Without Rivalry while the children played. The park we went to has two fenced playgrounds as well as a wooden fort area in between. The second playground wasn’t really visible from where I was sitting and Aaron was initially nervous about going there without me being close by, but I encouraged him to go with Tabitha. I’ve been doing a module about outdoor play at uni and I’m conscious that they have very few opportunities for unsupervised outdoor play. Later they made friends with a little one year old and I saw them chatting away to her dad/grandad.

While we were there, we walked up into the town to visit one of my favourite shops and buy some Little Wigwam placemats that I’ve been wanting for ages. We really need something to protect our old wooden dining table and PVC tablecloths don’t seem to last for long in our house.

By the time we got home it was time to cook dinner. Aaron sat and looked through his illustrated dictionary that I had left out for him. We had a conversation about “knife” and “knight” starting with a k instead of an n. After dinner, we all had fun finding continents, countries and flags on our new placemats.

Before bedtime Tabitha bounced on the mini trampoline whilst listening to her violin accompaniment CD. She noticed that some tunes sounded sad and so we discussed major and minor key signatures.

We recently moved the children back into separate rooms, so we have a lovely new bedtime routine where I snuggle up with each of them in turn and read them a chapter from a book. Tabitha is currently listening to the Rescue Princesses series while Aaron is enjoying the Dinosaur Cove series.

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