Meet Pixel the budgie!


We picked her up yesterday and she is already doing really well with taming and training. To avoid filling this blog with lots of budgie exploits and photos, I’ve set up a dedicated budgie page at I’ve added Aaron as a contributor so hopefully he may write about the budgie too!


      • Boris even looked exactly the same as Pixel when moulting. My autistic son who started talking at 7 years old prayed has strong faith and he prayed to God continuously that his budgie would speak like he suddenly did and I explained that we still love his budgie whether he talks or not and more importantly, that, he must let God decide. Well, Boris suddenly started talking at 7 months. We purchased him when he was 3 months old and had been told by experienced owners that budgies do not normally talk but if they do, they often do this early in their first year.

        • Sarah

          Awww that’s wonderful. Pixel is about 6 months old now but I’ve heard that hens are less likely to talk than cocks. We shall wait and see!

          • Yes, Pixel is a hen with her powdery blue cere. Boris had a pinkish-purple cere for months before it recently turned bluish. We hope to add another male in future. We cannot take in a hen as our family/flock as hens draw blood when hormonal. Our son’s brain is so innocent he is not able to recognize human body language (much less a bird’s to be aware of any danger) in the same way that his brain does not or cannot contemplate disobeying his parents. He is very gentle & enjoys having his budgie on the back of his hand just like Aaron & Tabitha love having Pixel on their heads & will either not recognize/react to any change in mood appearing right in front of his eyes. Budgies make wonderful pets & therapy as they are naturally sociable, joy-filled & their body language is so unbelievably entertaining. The children have chronic asthma & life-threatening allergies that needed hospitalization so the consultant told us to permit ‘only a pet fish, nothing else’… 🙂

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