1. Jennifer Higgs

    Ooooo lovely strawberries, I am envious, something to work on for next year.

    I prefer using powdered pectin for jam, just mix it in with the sugar and boil for 4 mins. We really like redcurrant and strawberry jam which needs no pectin sets well. That’s if you get any redcurrants as my helpers never seem to get any in the pot!

    Love your blog you are always up to something great.

    • Sarah

      I think we will try powdered pectin next time. Ooo redcurrant and strawberry jam sounds lovely, do you have a recipe? We have some redcurrants growing.

      • Jennifer Higgs

        Hi Sarah
        Strawberry and redcurrant jam
        1kg strawberries hulled
        500 g Redcurrants
        200ml water
        1.5 kg white sugar

        Simmer fruit until soft then add sugar and proceed in the usual way.
        The original recipe was for jelly which has no pips, in which case drain the juice from the pulp in a jelly bag and add 450g sugar for every 600ml juice. Although lovely it was quite wasteful and we quite like the chunky feel anyway. You could sieve the pips out of the fruit and then add an equal weight of sugar to make the jam.

        This has come from Jill Nices book Homemade preserves from 1982 which is fantastic.

        Happy jamming

  2. The heritage day looks fantastic. We visited a similar one many years ago in Cormwall and my eldest (then an only child) had a brilliant time.

    The poster is wonderful too!

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