Pouring and spooning

In today’s skill box was a bag of rainbow rice, a set of funnels, a measuring jug, a narrow container, a set of bowls and some measuring spoons.

I briefly showed Aaron how to pour rice through a funnel and then let him experiment.

He found that the rice tended to get stuck in the funnel neck, so he tried pouring straight from the jug instead.

He tested what would happen with two funnels.

Then he decided to spoon some of the rice into the bowls. He noticed that some of the measuring spoons were bigger and some were smaller.

You would have thought that by now I would know never to leave a 3 year old alone with messy stuff. It looks like I’m a slow learner. Tabitha woke up from her nap so I went to get her and came back to the sight of rainbow rice all over the sitting room floor! I told Aaron to get the dustpan and brush and clean it up. I was quite impressed when he went off to the kitchen, got the dustpan out of the cupboard and started sweeping it up! The task was a bit beyond him though, so I spent the next 20 minutes crawling round on my hands and knees. Lesson learnt this time? I hope so.

The wipe-clean letter and number tracing books I ordered from Amazon arrived today. Aaron was so excited when he saw them that he wouldn’t wait for me to finish cooking pancakes and just plunged right in.

While we were at the park this afternoon with some other home educators we collected some twigs, lichen and feathers for our bird’s nest. I don’t think we’ll have time to make it today though, so it will have to wait until later in the week.

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