1. I kind of get their point, but the last couple of sentences seem quite contradictory! So you can choose to educate your child at home but actually you have to work if you want benefit so really you can’t choose to educate your child at home……..

    • The bill is still being debated in Lords and has to go back to the Commons, so it’s not too late to get this changed. More letter writing required.

  2. Sarah

    I’ve written back to DWP to clarify a few points. As the nominated parent of a child in school is able to restrict their work availability to hours that fit in with school and childcare arrangements (Universal Credit Briefing Note 12), there should also be provision for home educating parents to choose work that fits around their home education arrangements. One of my biggest concerns is what would happen if a home educating family suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves in the situation of needing benefits, possibly due to reduced working hours, job loss, etc. It could be very disruptive for the children’s education.

  3. tracy

    the changes will change things for me but I’m going to sit it out and continue with home educating my 10 yr old …..i have a plan B 😉

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