1. I love the rainbow blanket! And I think I need to try that scaffolding trick. My youngest gets frustrated when she tries to draw people because it doesn’t look like the people her 5 year old sister makes, with dresses on. Maybe I can help her make the dresses, which are just a big triangle under the head, and then take the scaffolding away!

  2. Interesting points about showing her how to draw. I have mixed feelings on this, so it was certainly interesting to read the theory behind it. I’m new to your blog – its nice to have finally found a UK one that I like(I’m based in England too).

    • Sarah

      Hi Rach! To be honest it felt really odd to be teaching her how to draw, instead of waiting for her to do it in her own time, but she was upset that she couldn’t do faces and I knew that she had the ability. Deciding when to step in can be so tricky, but I’m glad I did as she is loving it! I have the feeling it may give her the confidence to start drawing other things too.

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