Spring is in the air

Our topic at the moment is spring. We have a noticeboard by our dining room table where we usually pin our lapbooks up for a week or so. However I’m not planning to make a spring lapbook, so I thought we’d put some other decorations up instead.

First Aaron made a fluffy lamb by sticking cotton wool onto a sheep that I printed on card and cut out.

Then we made a daffodil. Aaron enjoyed painting the egg carton centre. Here is the template we used for the petals. For the stem we used a pipe cleaner.

Here is the noticeboard so far. It’s looking rather empty at the moment. Tomorrow we’re planning to make a bird’s nest, but first we need to gather some twigs, leaves, moss and feathers. I’d also like to do some tissue paper blossom on a stick. Any other ideas for spring decorations or projects are welcome!

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