Super easy bath paint

Aaron has been a bit miserable today so I decided to make some bath paint to cheer him up. Until now, the messiest thing in our bath (apart from the children of course!) has been a few drops of food colouring and flavouring for a sensory bath, so this was a new experience for all of us. I squirted some cheap shaving foam into pots and stirred in some food colouring. It was very quick and easy to make, with a lovely creamy consistency.

After some initial experimenting, Aaron painted an apple.

Even Daddy couldn’t resist having a go. In fact I eventually had to shoo him out of the bathroom before he used up all the paint!

Aaron enjoyed making handprints and mixing colours.

Daddy painted the children!

When all the paint was gone, the children started to wash the tiles with their paint brushes. It was a perfect opportunity to hand them some sponges for cleaning up!

I think I’ll have to scrub the grout tomorrow (it’s a bit green in places) but they’ve had so much fun, it was definitely worth it! A wonderful opportunity to get as messy as they like in a well-contained space!


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