1. Amanda Groombridge

    Thank you for the update, so glad everything is going well for you all. Could I ask the name of the ‘lace learning’ book please?. Thank you.

  2. They’re so cute! I love the idea of a taste test for grapefruit, but I’ve never heard of them being recalled. I thought that was just for manufactured/processed stuff.

    Could you get a cheap second-hand real pushchair for Tabitha? It might be a bit big but she’ll grow into it and I suspect would last longer than a toy one anyway.

    • Sarah

      I couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of grapefruit being recalled, I’m sure it must have been a system error!

      I suppose a real pushchair would be an option, although I don’t know where we’d store it!

  3. San

    Lovely pictures! The kids are growing up so quickly :-). I think Silver Cross do a pram that is aimed at older kids xx

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