To “The Christmas Fairy”

I have absolutely no idea who you are or whether you will read this, but thank you so much for your wonderful gifts. We were so surprised when we realised that there was nothing on the box or the labels to identify who they were from!

It feels like you know us very well, because the gifts are just perfect. Mine is something that I’ve wanted for a while, but I’m sure I didn’t mention it to anyone so I have no idea how you knew! Colin has already started reading the book (I’m looking forward to reading it after him), and Aaron and Tabitha’s presents are both things that I’ve had on my mental wishlist for them. They enjoyed playing with them this morning and I’m sure they’ll provide many more hours of enjoyment and learning! You’ve obviously put so much thought into choosing gifts for us.

Thank you Christmas Fairy, it was such a lovely thing to do and your kindness has really touched us! Wishing you a very happy Christmas and new year, with lots of love from the Bryant family.

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