Updated learning space

I’ve spent some time this week decluttering and reorganising our little home-ed area in the front room.



This used to be a boring corkboard with a wooden frame. I’ve never really liked it but rather than throwing it out I decided to have a go at upcyling it with some hessian. Much better!


I got rid of a lot of our art and craft stuff because it simply wasn’t being used. The bottom shelf is now home to books and workbooks for subjects other than maths and English. The magazine file contains posters and free resource packs from various organisations that we have collected over the years.


This shelf unit holds all our maths manipulatives, books and games. On the top we’ve made a little nature table area and will use the wooden dish to display our finds.


Our light panel loose parts were previously jumbled together in one big box, so I’ve sorted them into smaller containers to make them more accessible. We use them for English and maths as well as for play. The bottom two shelves of this shelf unit are for our English resources.


I stayed away from reward systems for a long time but Aaron seems to respond well to them. We’ve been using these mini jars for a few months to collect glass nuggets, which are awarded for completing work and for good behaviour. They can be exchanged for a treat when the jar is full.


At some point in the next few days I’ll be posting about our plan for the autumn term.


  1. I’m in love with this space! such a happy place to be 🙂 I especially love the quote about doing your best and not whining … a reminder to me if there ever was one!!

    The rewards jar is a great idea and like all things it is finding what works for each family/child/situation. Your daily rhythm looks to be really well balanced and I’m looking forward to reading about your autumn plans.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog, it is lovely to make connections with other home ed families.

    San x

  2. Susanna

    Love this.. Looks wonderful. You have me craving organization ! Not happening here…. Pretty much everything within reach gets a daily visit on the floor at the moment !

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