We’re going on a dragon hunt

On Saturday, Aaron and I went to the Steiner kindergarten Christmas fair at Instow. There were lots of stalls selling beautiful hand crafted items and a little nativity play done by the children. It was a cold but beautiful day, so we played on the beach for a while and Aaron drew a picture of me in the sand. I hope I don’t look quite that grumpy in real life!


While we were there, Aaron spotted a stall selling wooden swords and shields. He chose a plain wooden sword with a wrapped hilt and a shield with a flower on the front. Then of course I had to go back and buy a set for Tabitha too! We got her a sword with a painted silver blade and a shield with a silver heart.

Today we put them to good use by going on a dragon hunt! The children tracked dragon footprints across the frosty grass, watched dragons flying in the sky, found dragon teeth on the ground and duelled each other on the way home. Mummy may or may not have joined in enthusiastically when Tabitha got tired *cough*. It’s a good thing I’m the one with the camera!


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  1. I love Instow – I stayed there a few times as a teenager on an orchestra exchange (oh yeah, rebellion all the way!). Love the swords and shields too, great photos as always x

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