1. D.D.S.

    Reading this post has made me spend some time looking back at my own childhood and I realise how very, very fortunate I was to have such a wonderfully happy one. I have so many memories of special times that I hardly know where to start! Being a farmer’s daughter meant that I probably had more freedom in the great outdoors than most children today. I remember hours spent playing badminton and tennis in the back garden – two swings under pear trees and a treehouse all made by my Dad to while away pleasant summer hours – wild games of British Bulldogs with a horde of very rough and boisterous boy cousins – playing Kick the Can (a complicated version of Hide and Seek) at the farm with the same group of cousins! – cycling in the leafy lanes all by myself at a very young age – singing carols to the cows over the other side of the hedge (cows love you to sing to them) – making play houses from bales of straw in the barn – picking blackberries all by myself from a hedge so far away from any human habitation that I felt like I had the whole world to myself – following the hounds on Boxing Day, running across muddy fields desperately trying to keep up with beagles who ran so fast – the joys of bonfire night and helping to build a huge bonfire…. so many happy memories. But perhaps the most special times were those when every summer I would accompany Dad to the local cattle market and he would buy some calves every week and we would take them back home and get them settled in. I was allowed to mix up the milk powder and help feed them. I gave each calf a name, and for a short while was able to recognise them all individually. And the other special time was harvest time when we would often take tea up to the fields and help with the stacking of the bales of straw. I particularly remember one golden evening when I was deeply moved by the beauty of the setting sun shedding its rays on the golden field and feeling that I was totally immersed in a world of gentle golden beauty so great that I hardly dared to breathe.
    Yes, I was very fortunate to have such a wonderfully happy and active childhood which gave me a strong and sturdy body and a love of the outdoors. But as I remember all those happy times I cannot help being even more grateful for the greater blessing of having Christian parents who taught me about Jesus Christ.

    • Sarah

      Sounds wonderful Mum! Thank you for sharing, some of those memories I hadn’t heard before. Another one of my favourite memories is the beautiful sunny day you and I cycled to Gunn together. I too am very thankful to have been taught about the Lord God from a young age, and that will be the most important thing to pass on to Aaron and Tabitha.

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