Why is the idea so much worse than the reality?

I recently watched the Project Wild Thing film. It made me think about how getting out into nature sometimes seems like too much effort, but once we are out there it makes us feel so much better. Today the children were really reluctant to leave the house, but we ended up having a fantastic time.

First we walked along the old railway embankment.

P1160986 (2)

Meet King Rosie and Sir Aaron Eagle Knight!

P1160995 (1)

Aaron asked to stop so that he could climb the trees and scramble up and down the bank. Tabitha watched him for a while and then wanted to join in. I bit back the urge to tell her to be careful and not to slide down on her bottom. Clothes can be washed, her confidence is more important.

P1170062 (1)


P1170105 (1)

There were eight horses in the field today, we eventually coaxed most of them over except for a mare and foal who kept a wary distance.



Aaron wanted to look for fungi in the hedgerow. We didn’t spot any, but we did see some Herb Robert still flowering.


We met a ginger cat who rolled over to be tickled as soon as we approached.

P1170125 (1)

We heard a load buzzing sound nearby and saw what looked like a wasp attacking a bee. We watched them fighting for several minutes.

P1170137 (1)
Despite their reluctant start, the children didn’t want to go home, so we went to the playground for a while. We were physically tired by the time we got home but mentally refreshed and rejuvenated!


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